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( Designed by a disabled / handicapped inventor )

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Cueing Aid for the disabled Snooker, Billiards, and Pool player.
You Tube Video demonstration, by Mr Cannon       click above to view 
World Snooker Championship 2018   
BBC Demonstration of the Cannonaid
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With thanks to Matthew Lester ( Doncastor Distroyer )

Get into the game: The pool, snooker and billiards cueing aid for people with disabilities

One of the most enjoyable things about snooker and billiards is that the games can keep everyone excited, including those with limited upper extremity functioning and wheelchair-bound individuals. While pool tables aren’t set up to meet the needs of people with different physical abilities, our cheap pool cue for disabled can do the trick.

The Cannonaid is a small piece of adaptive snooker and billiards equipment that acts as a stationary bridge to help you hold a pool cue. Functionally, it’s a patented cueing aid for physically challenged pool players. In practice, it can become your reliable assistant, taking you from beginner training sessions to competitive tournaments – and everywhere in between.

A closer look at the Cannonaid

As with many remarkable innovations, the Cannonaid was designed by a handicapped person who wasn't satisfied with any of the products available to disabled players that would help with cueing for the complete range of shots. The Cannonaid is made of solid stainless steel, with the weight designed to keep it rock-steady whilst taking the shot. This helps with gripping, aiming, and steadying the cue for the desired shot. The Cannonaid is created to endure all types of shots in line, over the top, and tight along the cushion. Therefore, it is suitable for any beginner or ambitious pool player.

  • Spinal cord injury

  • One arm/amputation/prosthetics

  • Limited hand or finger mobility

  • Broken arm

  • Arthritis 

  • Back issues 

Give it a try, the Cannonaid is the best you can order as a snooker and billiards cueing aid online for improved control, positioning, and accuracy in all cue sports. Whether you enjoy these as a leisure or competitive activity, customizing your experience to your needs is now easier than ever. 

Buy our cueing aid for disabled pool, billiards, & snooker players.     
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Whether you use a wheelchair, have finger strength or dexterity issues, or have difficulty bending over, the Cannonaid will help you excel at the pool table with minimal adaptive techniques. It’s a go-to for those who are eager to:

  • Stay active

  • Have fun with friends

  • Attend cool events and tournaments

  • Improve mobility

  • Get consistently better at playing snooker and billiards

The Cannonaid snooker and billiards aiming aid for sale are affordable and rewarding in so many ways. You love our pricing and worldwide shipping. Get a perfect shot with the Cannonaid!

How to order your snooker and billiards cueing aid online

Since shipping fees differ depending on the country, you’ll have to get a quote for your Cannonaid first. Send us an email to to specify your location and how many pieces you’d like to order. We’ll get back with a PayPal request. 

If you do not have a PayPal account, don’t worry. It isn’t necessary for payment.

Upon completing the PayPal request, specify your delivery address and fill in your CC details if you don’t have a PayPal account. Please note that your delivery address may differ from your home or work address, and someone must sign for the delivery when receiving the package. After making a payment, you’ll receive a tracking number (on the same or the next day) so that you can always stay updated on where your Cannonaid is.


The Cannonaid is manufactured in solid stainless steel. & is highly polished, and should last a lifetime

Hi Terry and David

I'm delighted to tell you, this weekend I won my first title
at the Southern 9-ball Open on the BWPPA pool tour!

I probably couldn't have had a tougher draw, so it makes it even more special.
I've also ended the season in the top 8 in the rankings.
None of this would be possible without the   Cannon Aid,
please pass on this message to David, and let him know how grateful I am.    

Signed by :-
Matthew Lester

Matthew Lester ( Doncastor Distroyer )

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This Invention is patented, in the USA with other
nts pending. Registered Design, ©2000


The game of snooker is world wide, which is the same for billiards and pool.

If you are disabled with one arm, wheelchair bound,, bad back preventing you to bend over,
Then this invention The CANNONAID, cannonaid is for you

Naturally the Cannonaid is suitable for the one handed snooker, pool and billiards player.

disabled snooker and billiards, billiard, pool player can use the Cannonaid to enjoy the game., even though they may have a handicap.

Handicap pool bridge,

Pool cue bridge

Snooker cue bridge

Disability, pool & snooker cue bridge for the disabled

World Snooker Championship 2018 

BBC Demonstration of the Cannonaid

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