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Please say how many you would like to order, and let us know what country you are living in. So that we know what postage to apply.
Your mailing address will be specified when we send you the request for payment.

We use PayPal for all purchases.

1.   You request to purchase a Cannonaid via an email to us, we send you a       request for  payment through PayPal,
( you do not need a PayPal account ).
2.   You fill in your postal address & CC details,
( we do not or wish to see your CC details. ( Secure )
3.   PayPal notifies us when the Payment has been made.
4.   Mr Cannon informs me when the Cannonaid has been posted.
5.   I send you an email to say that the Cannonaid is on its way.

The Cost for :-      1 - Cannonaid  is GBP £33.00  
plus   P&P   (including insurance )

Postal Charges


U.K. & Northern Ireland £   9.50
£ 33.00
£ 42.50
Europe £ 13.50
£ 33.00
£ 46.50
Rest of the World £ 16.50
£ 33.00
£ 49.50

If you would like two or more the postal charges will be cheaper,
please ask.

Please note!

The British Post office may change their rates at a short notice.
If you want, the Cannonaid can be sent without the included insurance, just a few £ cheaper.
But if it goes astray, then its your loss, we will send you a proof of posting if required.

If you require a fairly accurate conversion from GBP to your local currency Just search for " Currency Exchange Rates" or go to :- Example :-

All these rates are wholesale prices, your local bank & PayPal add a very small percentage to these rates as normal comercial practices.

Note ! When you receive the PayPal money request, it will be in GBP, you then select your local currency, & PayPal will give you the currency conversion on that days transaction.