The Cannonaid.

Cueing aid for the game of pool, snooker, and billiards.

Designed for disabled, handicapped, arthritic, people who cannot bend over, and also wheelchair bound persons.

By a disabled person.
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Message to Mr Cannon                           1st May 2009

Hello mate.

Remember me, you’d just invented the Cannonaid and I was the 1st person to try it.

How are you? I see you got it off the ground well done. I pursued my pool and snooker career for a few years and got to the semi final of the London open and played county 8 ball for Berkshire and Surrey,   I also won a big national able bodied snooker tournament in Leicester at Willie Thornes snooker club ( Mark Selby played in it ) - Holsten 2000 National snooker championships

I don’t play much now as health not great, I’ve deteriorated rapidly in the last few years.
Anyway amazing I came across you online and I remembered you straight away as a nice bloke,  by the way I was recently interviewed online - you can read this if you google and go to their homepage.

Take care,

Neale "the wheel" Butler

Thought you might like this pic--I played Jimmy at 8 ball 2years ago and beat him,  he wasn’t happy but still talks to me.

Snooker Champion Jimmy White with Neale "the wheel" Butler who used The Cannonaid for the match


This Invention is patented, in the USA with other patents pending. Registered Design, ©2000

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Feed back from a disabled person using The Cannonaid who loves the game of SNOOKER. and who played Jimmy White using "The Cannonaid"
The Cannonaid can also be used for POOL and BILLIARDS, by DISABLED PERSONS,
and is suitable for the one handed snooker, pool and billiards player.
The game of snooker is world wide which is the same for billiards and pool.

The CANNONAID, is suitable disabled persons with one arm, wheelchair bound, or a bad back which prevents one from bending over,
if this is your problem then this invention is for you.